Siteloft have a new approach to real estate website development. With the pace of change reaching tachyon speeds, they knew that delivering a static product wasn’t best for consumers. That’s why they decided to deliver websites ‘as a service’. Websites are constantly updated in line with new tech trends, browser standards and design standards.

In doing so, Siteloft create a product that lasts. They're work on any device – now and in the future. The websites are simple and clean. People don’t just use them - they want to use them.

The name itself reveals a lot about the company’s methodology. A ‘loft’ is close to the heart of poets, artists and creatives alike. It’s a quiet place to think, drink tea (or wine) and invent. ‘Site’ speaks for itself.

I chose yellow to represent the dappled light that might shine through a loft’s windows. The box that houses the name was designed to mimic a floor plan, signifying the industry.

Because of the company’s strong focus on mobile responsiveness, the I decided the logo itself – like Siteloft’s product – should change to reflect the device it’s being viewed on.

Creative direction: Richard Dobson
UX: Cyrus Engineer
Illustration: Grace Houghton
Development: Jason Grimston

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