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As a result of reading and hearing too many sad and sometimes upsetting news stories, I decided to create illustrations highlighting positive news in a quirky way. Drawing content and comedy from recent world news stories and offering sometimes alternative views to mainstream news.

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0-90km/h in 3 seconds!

Blink and you'll miss it! The battery powered Tesla Model S was just rated the the third-fastest accelerating production car in the world...

Tesla battery powered car

Sounds and riffs to soothe distressed cats

Desperate desperate times for the music industry as famous label Universal Music is releasing an album for cats. You heard that right...

Music released for cats

25 years of the World Wide Web

Today we celebrate 25 years of connecting people through the World Wide Web! Thanks to Tim Berners-Lee and everyone involved for helping the world become more open and connected...

Thanks to Tim Berners-Lee

Uber to launch autonomous cars

Your next Uber driver could be a robot?! 🤖 Set to launch a pilot fleet of autonomous Volvos in Pittsburgh, home to the Uber engineering team. An aggressive implementation of autonomous driving...

Uber announce self-driving cars